Zap-A-Snack Pizza Fundraising

Raise Money with The Original Microwaveable French Bread Pizza

Welcome to the OFFICIAL Zap-A-Snack® Pizza Fundraising site! If you have seen a fund raising company or fund raiser featuring Zap-A-Snack® and wanted more information or wanted microwavable pizza for your fundraiser, you are in the right place.

Why Pizza Fundraising?

    • Over 90 percent of Americans eat pizza regularly and have eaten pizza in the last month.
    • Americans eat approximately 100 acres of pizza a day or about 350 slices per second.
    • Kids ages 3 to 11 prefer pizza over all other food groups for lunch and dinner. How many families do you know with a pizza night?
    • The fastest growing segment in the fund raising industry today is frozen foods. The fastest growing item in frozen food is the Zap-A-Snack® French Bread Pizza.

Why a Zap-A-Snack Pizza Fundraiser?

    • Microwaveable French Bread Pizza or Conventional Oven Preparation.
    • Home, School, Office, Dorm Room? Zap-A-Snack® French Bread Pizza can be served anytime or anywhere!
    • It's the perfect meal or snack for an individual or family on the go or just taking it easy.
    • From Freezer to Microwave — Ready to eat in less than 4 minutes!
    • It's a delicious and affordable product... every time!

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